Every parent’s nightmare is showing up at their child’s school to pick them up, only to find that their child is missing. Needless to say, this is a frightening experience for parents to go through, and that’s why it’s important to pick up on the signs that tell you when a school isn’t being run properly. Unfortunately, many parents ignore their instincts and proceed to enrol their child or children in a school where ugly incidents are bound to take place. There are many reasons for that, and we all make excuses. But the bottom line is, if a kindergarten is creating some doubts in your mind, just stay away from it. The worst thing you can do is to leave your child in an unsafe place and unhealthy environment. This article will take you through some red flags of a bad kindergarten that you should never enrol your child in. So, let’s jump in.

Signs of a Bad Kindergarten

1. Unlicensed

This is one of the major signs that you are dealing with a kindergarten that will eventually disappear just as it appeared. Never enrol your child in such a school, irrespective of how flashy and cheap it could be.

Before you enrol your adorable child in any school, go through the kindergarten registration directory of your state or city. If the school is not there, just choose another school for your child. Every preschool must be registered according to the ministry of education.

Yes, they could be near your home, but just forget about them if they are unlicensed.

2. Insecure

The high number of abducting children in Australia and across the globe should give you a glimpse of how secure a preschool ought to be. If anyone can get in and out of the school without getting noticed, just stay away from the nursery school.

A good kindergarten will have security measures in place right from the gate. There should be a gate warden who books everyone getting in and out of the school. With that, no intruder will dare get into the school.

Besides, surveillance cameras should be in place to record every movement and person who gets into the school premises. That will make it easy to trace anyone who deceived the gate person and sneaked in to get a child.

3. Dirty Environment

A dirty babysitter is an equivalent of a vector; it will eventually transmit diseases to your adorable child. Yes, it could be registered, licensed, and secure, but if it is dirty, just keep it off unless you are ready for hospital bills.

A kindergarten should be spotlessly clean, from the floors to walls to toys that the children play with. That includes the teachers themselves; they should be clean. You can easily spot a dirty babysitter the day you visit them.

4. Unfriendly Caregivers

These are the people who will be staying with your boy or girl for most of the hours of the day. The child will easily adapt to their characters and behaviour. If the caregiver is aggressive and rude to the children, the same attitude will be developed in your child. If you notice that the caregivers have a certain trait you don’t like, you shouldn’t enrol your child in such a preschool.

5. Inadequate Learning Materials

Some of the learning materials for these children could be toys, colours, crayons, swings, and colouring books. Some kindergartens will have limited materials, which will stir fights among children since every one of them wants to use them.

If you notice the school does not have enough playing materials for every child, just avoid it. Overcrowding should not be tolerated either.


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