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The Child Care Center is an environment where your child will be cherished and respected, carefully nurtured and guided, and experience of education will be one of happiness and success. We provide a holistic child-oriented curriculum in which the whole individual is valued, nurtured, and directed through growth, cognitive, psychological, religious, physical, and social.

Our Service

We offer a creative and an innovative curriculum with the application of educational goals. The curriculum we follow is a research-based, respected, culturally enriched and artistic curriculum, we make sure these factors are well blended and it also have insights about the current world and its tending topics. Through careful observation, the educators are adapted to each child's interests and provide resources to help their education accordingly. We agree that introducing new ideas, strategies and themes is important in order to ensure that children are enjoying a range of activities to further promote their growth and development.

Well Trained Staff

Our staff is well trained and qualified for the job, we make sure that our people are well trained in child development. We have our specialists who are in for years in this industry and we conduct workshops for teachers in-service training, First-Aid, CPR and other seminars about child development.


The wellbeing of your baby is our highest priority! Many safety features are used, including a door fob entry system that must be used by all parents and staff to enter the premises. Our employees are trained in safety and security along with background checks. With the understanding that you do not need to think about your child's well-being while in our care, you can have peace of mind.

Lunch and Snacks

We provide lunch and snacks to children with utmost care, the hygiene and manners are the most important components we focus on. We make sure that they will eat according to the table manners related to everyday environment. We also make sure of the hygiene and cleanliness.

Our Blog

Things You Should Never Ignore in a Kindergarten

Every parent’s nightmare is showing up at their child’s school to pick them up, only to find that their child is missing. Needless to say, this is a frightening experience for parents to go through, and that’s why it’s important to pick up on the signs that tell you when a school isn’t being run properly. Unfortunately, many parents ignore their instincts and proceed to enrol their child or children in a school where ugly incidents are bound to take place. There are many reasons for that, and we all make excuses. But the bottom line is, if a kindergarten is creating some doubts in your mind, just stay away from it. The worst thing you can do is to leave your child in an unsafe place and unhealthy environment. This article will take you through some red flags of a bad kindergarten that you should never enrol your child in. So, let’s jump in.

Signs of a Bad Kindergarten

1. Unlicensed

This is one of the major signs that you are dealing with a kindergarten that will eventually disappear just as it appeared. Never enrol your child in such a school, irrespective of how flashy and cheap it could be.

Before you enrol your adorable child in any school, go through the kindergarten registration directory of your state or city. If the school is not there, just choose another school for your child. Every preschool must be registered according to the ministry of education.

Yes, they could be near your home, but just forget about them if they are unlicensed.

2. Insecure

The high number of abducting children in Australia and across the globe should give you a glimpse of how secure a preschool ought to be. If anyone can get in and out of the school without getting noticed, just stay away from the nursery school.

A good kindergarten will have security measures in place right from the gate. There should be a gate warden who books everyone getting in and out of the school. With that, no intruder will dare get into the school.

Besides, surveillance cameras should be in place to record every movement and person who gets into the school premises. That will make it easy to trace anyone who deceived the gate person and sneaked in to get a child.

3. Dirty Environment

A dirty babysitter is an equivalent of a vector; it will eventually transmit diseases to your adorable child. Yes, it could be registered, licensed, and secure, but if it is dirty, just keep it off unless you are ready for hospital bills.

A kindergarten should be spotlessly clean, from the floors to walls to toys that the children play with. That includes the teachers themselves; they should be clean. You can easily spot a dirty babysitter the day you visit them.

4. Unfriendly Caregivers

These are the people who will be staying with your boy or girl for most of the hours of the day. The child will easily adapt to their characters and behaviour. If the caregiver is aggressive and rude to the children, the same attitude will be developed in your child. If you notice that the caregivers have a certain trait you don’t like, you shouldn’t enrol your child in such a preschool.

5. Inadequate Learning Materials

Some of the learning materials for these children could be toys, colours, crayons, swings, and colouring books. Some kindergartens will have limited materials, which will stir fights among children since every one of them wants to use them.

If you notice the school does not have enough playing materials for every child, just avoid it. Overcrowding should not be tolerated either.


If you want to send your child to a kindergarten facility that you can trust, Bay Explorers have a kindergarten in Burpengary. Give them a visit to check them out.


Four most common activities carried out in early learning centres

Most parents take their children to preschool to expose their children to diversity in the world and to nurture their talents at young ages. It is also true to say that every parent knows their child’s capabilities and talent because they spend a lot of time with them.

So as a parent looks for a suitable early learning centre for their kid, more emphasis should be put on the child’s capabilities to find a centre that will help a child to nurture his talents. Let us look at the most common types of activities that earliest learning institutions participate in to see if you will find the best fit for your child.

Types of activities in early learning centres

  • Music and dance

Music and dance usually go hand in hand. This kind of activity favours most children. After all, music and dances help to relax the mind and body. Children are taught how to sing songs relevant to every occasion while applying special dance moves that accompany different songs. It is with no doubt that most dancers’ and singers’ celebrities started nurturing their talents right from preschools. Being actively involved in music and dance lessons helps to develop a child’s brain and also increases their thinking capacities. This way, they cannot get bored easily and can finish their assigned tasks in time.

  • Field trips

Since early learning education is not immensely carried out inside classrooms, children are provided with field trip opportunities where they can learn a lot about nature and the things that surround them. Such field trips are well-planned to ensure that children benefit the most from them. For instance, children can be taken on a field trip to observe how traffic lights operate, or even game reserves to see wild animals and plants. Exposing a child to such things helps to expand their intellectual horizons and they will be in the constant urge of finding more.

  • Art and craft

Another common activity employed in early learning education is art and craft. Here, children get a chance to showcase their creativity as well as motor skills when it comes to drawing and moulding objects. As much as it offers fun and enjoyment to children, it also helps to sharpen their minds and makes them great problem solvers.

  • Sports

There are many types of fitness exercises and sports activities in which children are involved in early learning education. These sport exercises ensure that children keep fit and healthy and cannot easily fall ill due to strong immune system development. There are many sports facilities that are available in early learning education centres that are not present at home because some are expensive. So taking your kid to a kindergarten gives them a chance to appreciate the work of those facilities.

What happens if a child fails to attend an early learning education centre?

If your child fails to attend early learning in Launceston, they will suffer the most in the future because they will have a hard time adjusting to formal school. Similarly, it will be a mountain for them to make new friends because they lack the skills of forming new friends. The worst of all is your child may hate school life because all they encounter is books because they have never been to the best part of a school-like life (early learning education).


How Kindergarten Benefits Children

A high-quality kindergarten is an early childhood education program that provides children with a solid foundation for academic and social learning that helps boost their success later in life.

The top benefits children gain from attending high-quality kindergarten include:


A great place for children to learn

Kindergarten provides a great place for children to learn even when it’s their first experience to be exposed to a structured environment. The structured environment provided by kindergarten allows children to learn how to follow instructions, share and problem-solve with their peers, play well with others, and establish friendships.


A great nurturing place for a child’s curiosity

The ideas and questions of children are seriously observed and listened to by teachers of a high-quality kindergarten. The ideas and interests of the children are used by the teachers to nurture their curiosity and create learning experiences out of them.

Exciting learning opportunities are always encouraged in environments of high-quality kindergarten. For instance, the discovery of a butterfly of a child while playing outdoors creates opportunities for teachers to make learning more about it fun and exciting.


A great place to learn cognitive and language skills

The formal language used by teachers in kindergarten nurtures language learning skills in children. The introduction of new vocabularies and provoking questions used by the teachers help children to stretch their language skills.

Talking about favourite stories, storytelling, role-playing, and singing are activities that contribute to making children acquire cognitive and language skills in a fun and exciting way.


A great place to learn reading and counting skills

Knowing how to read and count are skills that interest children. The wide variety of activities and games offered by kindergarten educators helps children learn reading and counting skills in an exciting and fun way. For instance, understanding the sequences and categories of numbers is built with board games that involve counting, matching, and sorting.

Problem-solving is encouraged by puzzle games. Meaningful and interesting activities are the mode of learning experiences provided by kindergarten to help children hone reading and counting skills.


A great place to develop emotional and social skills

Children are interested to learn when they feel secure and loved. Spending time away from their parents needs a kindergarten that is equipped to build a trusting relationship with children.

A warm relationship between children and teachers are always nurtured and encouraged by high-quality kindergarten facilities. Emotional self-control and social skills are developed in children with the various experiences good teachers take time to teach.

For instance, conflicts between children are not automatically resolved by teachers. Instead, they are given ample time to work out their issues and only intervene when the situation calls for it.


A great place for children to care for themselves and others

Taking care of their needs is the best way for children to acquire a sense of self-worth and competence. Opportunities to make children responsible for their needs are always given by teachers. For instance, the responsibility of washing their hands before eating, packing away things after play, and keeping their items locked safely in their locker are things that helps children become more responsible.


Letting children attend kindergarten provides them life-saving skills to enable them to successfully begin their formal schooling journey. The crucial skills, confidence, and knowledge provided by high-quality kindergarten programs equip children to face their future with assurance. Contact us at Kinder Cottage Nerang for more information.


Getting To Understand All About As4801 Certification

AS4801 is a standard devised specifically to enable third-party organisations to conduct an auditing framework to establish a better working environment for workers. Its foundation is based on keeping employees safe while going about their normal operations while in your company. This makes it crucial in adhering to the Occupational Health standards and, in so doing, can be used not just as a reference but also an assessment of similar risks that could happen in the business. Initially, this was a venture left to the big and successful businesses worldwide, but no more. Business start-ups have now begun seeing the essence of being As4801 certified and not just for O.H.S. but for their employees too. Besides, there are numerous advantages that come with having this kind of accreditation in your firm.

4 Major merits of being As4801 Certified


1. Mitigates accidents and similarly, the expenses involved.

Once a business gets certified as a safe zone for operations, the measures laid down will help bring down preventable accidents. You not only benefit from the full input by your employees but also save more on the money that would have otherwise been used in treating them. In a way, it becomes cost-effective for you and everyone working in your environment.

2. Amplifies the investors’ trust

Investors want to channel their money where there are sufficient remittances and Return on Profit (R.O.I.). This form of accreditation shows your commitment to strategic planning, a quality most investors look for before entrusting their finances to your venture. This certificate helps improve the faith of those who believe in and want to venture into your business.

3. Show of good faith towards adhering to the law

Increased entrepreneurial activities globally have led to an increase in both good and bad businesses worldwide today. Distinguishing between the two can only be done through assessment of its credentials and culture. This certificate is proof of a good business venture, and besides, it always pays to stay on the right side of the law.

4. Augments employee satisfaction

Rarely do ventures and firms think about the satisfaction of their employee demands. Applying for As4801 Certification can mean the first step towards caring for your employees and ensuring that they do feel valued in the organisation. No firm can outdo competition without having its staff believe in themselves and the organisation’s dream.

Below are some relevant procedures useful to the application and award of this certification to your business.

How do you get tips to consider before As4801 Certified?


When broken down, the procedure of getting O.H.S. certified is simpler than most people think. The application may, however, take time, based on your preparedness once everything is closed by the consultant. Hiring a worthwhile consultant is the first step towards getting this done right. The certified consultant should assess to know your strengths and weaknesses based on the tips to consider before As4801 certificate standards. You are then to work with them in making your place ready to comply with these unique specifications. Once all is laid down, you can now successfully apply for this certificate, which upon your assessment score will be awarded to your business. Remember, once you are awarded tips to consider before the As4801 Certification, it is not enough to ignore all that was prepared since renewal is very necessary to guarantee its validity in your venture.

Unconventional art materials found in a good art supply store

Art supply catalogues are usually sent out by various national and local art supply stores to art teachers. These art supply stores compete to get the business of the art department of all universities and colleges.

Art supply store catalogues front and back covers are filled with pages of tremendous amounts of art supplies. The featured art supplies range from brushes, pencils, table easels, watercolours, acrylics, and a whole lot more.

What defines art supplies provided by an art supply store?


What’s in store in a good art supply store?


Aisle after aisle of art supplies is the common sight you usually see as soon as you walk in an art supply store. A plethora of paints is the obvious things you see in the paint aisle. Yet, a good art supply store has more to offer than traditional art supplies.

Garden Supplies

Yes, you’ve heard right. But, an art store should not be selling garden supplies, right? Wrong, for there’s no limit when it comes to artistic expression. Consider natural products such as dirt, birdseed, and even fencing. Grass images have become some of the mediums famous artists have incorporated with their artwork.

Construction materials

The use of construction materials in art is an unconventional method successfully used by modern artists. Creativity is taken to unprecedented heights by swapping gesso and screen with joint compound for canvas.

Lumber, concrete, and nails are also great construction materials to create exceptional pieces of artwork. Using construction materials instead of the usual art materials may seem weird, but famous works from artists Ross Bonfanti and Marcela Zacarias say otherwise.

Electrical and plumbing materials

Plumbing and electrical materials are the best stuff to use for sculpture artwork. The wide range of electrical boxes, wires, switches, and cables available in all sorts of colours, lengths, shapes, and thicknesses can create astounding works of sculpture.

An assortment of plumbing materials ranging from tubing, pipes, and fittings are unconventional art materials that can be found in a good art supply store. PVC piping has been used as the medium for extraordinary sculpture artworks such as The Walking Strandbeests of Theo Jansen.

Graphite Drawing Pencils

Highly-detailed and the simplest sketches start and end with the help of graphite drawing pencils. Available in sets or per piece, graphite pencils can draw almost everything, making it the must-have art tool for both beginners and expert artists. The hardness of the graphite pencils corresponds with the varying numbers.


Aptly named, sketchbooks provide the perfect medium for practice drawing, shape drawings, honing shading skills, and more. Planning out painting is best done on a sketchbook before doing the final painting.


Pencil marks are easily removed by erasers. While there are a plethora of erasers available in a good art supply store, going for the kneaded variety is the best option. Using this type of eraser does not leave behind residues and damage to the paper as well. The mouldable eraser can be moulded into different shapes to erase either small or large areas.


Artworks have evolved over the years. A good art supply store is one that keeps up with the times when it comes to art materials and supplies. While conventional art materials are still popular things to see in art supply stores, the availability of unconventional materials is the thing that provides the edge above the rest.





Reasons why you should take your son to a private boys school

It is the dream of every parent to give their children the best, especially when it comes to education. For this reason, parents will do all they can to make sure that they have given their children all they can afford. In other cases, what parents give to their children is not always the best, and hence parents are encouraged to make sure that they think out of the box. Traditionally, there are those types of schools that were recognised to be the best.

Today, we have all kinds of schools, including single-sex schools. As a parent, at times, the best thing to do is to take their children to a single-sex school and find out whether they are the best.  However, other parents will doubt that this is the right decision to make. It could be possible, but the following are some of the reasons why you should take your son to the private boys’ school.


It gives boys the freedom of being themselves

When you think of most of the things that the boys do in mixed schools, you will find out that most of them want to impress the girl in the school. However, in the private boys’ school, there are no girls to impress.  Therefore, all the boys will have to learn about being themselves. Their behaviours and actions will tell that they are not trying to be other people. Also, in the private boys’ school, the boys will be comfortable doing anything. Therefore, they can explore and also express themselves freely, unlike when they are in a mixed school. They have no one to impress and hence even if they are not competent, and they will give anything a try. They will not be ashamed of being who they are.


Boys and girls have their differences

The fact will always remain that girls and boys are not equal, even if everyone is still fighting for equality among men and women.  Most of the parents think that taking their children in mixed schools help the children work out their differences, but they do not.  Boys will dominate some of the areas while girls will dominate the rest.  This brings out the difference. When you take your child to a private boys school, they will explore everything, even what is known to be dominated by girls.


The boys learn using different styles

Science has made it evident that girls and boys learn using different learning styles. This is because they are different. When all of them are in the same class, it is hard for the teachers to use different learning styles for the boys and girls in the class. However, in a private boys school, you can use the learning styles that are best for the boys.


It gives boys a chance to explore new things

In the coed schools, some ideas can only be explored by the girls and others are explored by boys. On the other hand, in the private boys’ school, boys can study anything they need.  They can play the roles that boys and girls play in coed schools. Therefore, they learn and explore new things they can never learn and explore in a private coed school.


There is reduced pressure in a private boys’ school

Girls mature very faster than boys. This makes it very hard for the two genders to cope with each other in a coed school. Since boys are alone in the private boys’ school, they do not have to go through this social pressure.


Why operating child care centres in Toowoomba are stressful

Every working parent wants their child to get the care they deserve, even when they are not around. This is why we have so many child care centres in Toowoomba to cater to the rising demands of child care services. Most people think that starting and running child care centres a very easy thing, but the truth is that it is entirely stressful. This is because there are so many challenges that you will experience as you run the child care centres. Some so many people will want to start their child café centres because they think that it is always about making profits. However, there are so many challenges that you will encounter when you are running a child care centre in Toowoomba. The following are some of the problems that you are likely to experience.


Lack of adequate funds

One of the critical things that you should never lack in a child care centre is insufficient funds to run the child care centre. This is because funds are crucial, and without them, your child care centre could fail to run as you expect. There are so many reasons as to why you are likely to face this challenge when you are running a child care centre. For instance, your customers may not pay you the service fees you charge them in time while other parents will fail to pay for the care you offer to their child. At other times, overspending the available funds can also because of these problems.

Every child care centre requires a stable source of money so that the child care centre can run smoothly. The funds that you have are necessary for buying the equipment that you need in the child care centre, paying the caregivers and also paying for rent. This is why you must always have money with you. Due to unavailability of adequate funds, you will find that the child care centre will fail to have sufficient caregivers and essential equipment which are critical to the child care centres.



The other challenge you are likely to encounter as you run your child care centre is understaffing. You will be willing to hire caregivers, but you will not get the qualified and experienced caregivers that you need. This will force you to run a child care centre, but with very few caregivers. The staff that you will employ will not be enough to cater to the needs of all the children in your child care centre, which is very dangerous.


Lack of important equipment

The other reason why a child care in Toowoomba may be stressful to run is that without adequate equipment, it will be very hard for you to handle the children that you have. At times it could be that you do not have enough money to purchase this equipment, but they are essential. This makes it hard for children to adapt to the new environment. When these pieces of equipment are less, the children will even fight so that they can get possession of the few types of equipment.  The cost of the equipment required in the child care centre is always very high, and hence many child care centre owners can’t buy all these equipment at once.


Space may be expensive, but inadequate

Most of the people who have child care centres in Toowoomba have rented the space they use. However, when there are so many children in the child care centre, the area becomes very small to accommodate these children, yet the children cannot be stopped coming into the child care centre. Space may be tiny, but you have to pay so much money for it.


Necessary Guidelines For Starting a Successful Day Care Centre

Want to start a daycare? Congratulations! You have done the right thing of investigating the job before you crash into it. The first thing you need to understand is that opening a daycare center is not easy. Whether you are a parent or nanny wishing to go beyond the typical routine, the idea of starting a child care center is complicated. Yes, you are responsible and must have had a lot of experience with children, but, that’s not it. You need a clear plan jotted down on paper, expert advice and all the pros and cons of starting the daycare business.
The A to Z of opening on the daycare center has to be analyzed very carefully since the success of this innovative initiative will depend on the step you will be taking to open the daycare.

Research About The Day Care Startup

Researching about is important not if you are starting day care but any other new business. The best thing to do is to get proper training or diploma in the field. Keep it in mind this training will not be you just Cannington early learning to get a piece of paper. It will be something which will make you stand out since you will be more educated about how to actually take care of a child. Don’t ignore this step if you want to make it big in the daycare business.

Licensing! The First and Foremost

While you are trying to educate yourself, look into the licensing process. Since you are now serious about starting a daycare, licensing is the first thing you should be working on. For this, all you have to do is call the state Department of Children and Family Spaces. Every state has different rules for opening daycare. For example, your state might not allow you to start a daycare at home. You might need to get a new place. Collect all the information you can about the license.

Create a Business Plan

This is where you go through the pros and cons of the business. This business plan which also includes your financial goals will keep reminding you what you actually wanted in the first place. Here are a few questions which you need to ask before getting your hands dirty with the daycare startup:
· Does the state office allow you to open a daycare center in your home? If not, where do you plan to open it?
· Do you want to hire new staff?
· What services will be offered at daycare?
· What are your additional expenses like buying more toys or safety equipment?
· How much will you charge for each child? You are not doing it voluntarily! This is a business.

Develop Procedures and Policies

Everything starts with some rules and regulations. Develop them before time according to the laws of your state and your convenience. This is not only going to be a guide for parents but will be helpful to your staff.
Opening a childcare center sounds like an easy task but it is not. One thing which you must understand is that you have to keep yourself updated. Seek for different accreditation and informed about any amendments in the state laws regarding your concerned subject.

Taking care of children: how to wash children’s laundry

When a person has smooth and velvety skin it is said that he has ” the skin of a child ” … a very delicate and perfumed skin , which is particularly reactive and subtle and which, in the first months of life, has yet to form and begin to perform all its functions and, therefore, very permeable and defenseless .

For this reason, it is important for small children not only to use suitable cosmetics, which respect the pH of their skin , which is less acidic than that of adults, but also to dress them with well-washed garments that do not trigger allergic skin reactions when in contact with the skin , both for the composition of the fibers and for any residual of treatments or detergents that can remain on the fabrics.

The kit of a child includes a wide range of garments: bodysuits, bibs, romper suits, blouses, shirts, pants, pajamas … to the cloth diapers (for the moms green and bold). Then there are covers, sheets, towels and even toys and stuffed toys! The types of fabrics are many but, obviously, in choosing it is always better to rely on natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, chenille, which are the softest and do not cause contact irritation or rubbing. But how to wash all these clothes?

First washing of newborn babies’ heads
Before birth, it is advisable to wash all the clothes that make up the newborn’s layette , to eliminate any trace of treating substances that were probably used during the processing of the garments and to eliminate any dust deposited before use.

Machine wash is better , previously sanitized with Percarbonate , about 150 gr. put directly into the basket, with a nice vacuum wash at 60 degrees. For washing, the ideal is an environmentally-friendly liquid laundry detergent indicated for children’s garments, with raw materials of natural origin , possibly from organic farming and “km 0”, such as our Bucato Biricco detergent : it is dermatologically tested , also indicated for delicate garments and wool and rinse easily. Then, immediately apply the garments to dry them well and place them in airtight bags or as indicated by the hospital (which normally issues a list of things to bring for delivery).

Subsequent washing …
It is always good to divide the bodysuits and undergarments from those worn over, almost always colored, and wash them separately. A hand wash is indicated with very delicate or not particularly dirty clothes, but care must be taken to rinse, to avoid that soap or detergent remains . not to exceed the dose and use an easy to rinse liquid detergent . The washing machine has certainly the most effective rinsing and, in addition, it is also possible to program a double rinse . The washing temperature should be programmed according to the washing machine instructions and the amount of detergent it should be dosed with the help of a dosing ball to avoid unnecessary and harmful overdoses.

Taking care of children: tips for proper oral hygiene

smile of children ? Wake up in us the instinct to protect them and pay attention to their health! In this regard, let’s talk about the health of their teeth …

It is important to prevent and care for the health of children’s teeth from the earliest years, as it is also important, at an early age, to start education and teach them good oral hygiene habits . If you have small children , here are some tips on how to get started.

When to start washing children’s teeth

Until the appearance of the first dentine (from 4 months of life or even after), no special care is required, because the bacteria, with which a baby’s mouth normally comes into contact, do not take root easily in the continuously renewed gum tissue. When the first teeth appear, however, the bacteria settle permanently on their surface, and it becomes useful to clean them with a cotton gauze simply soaked in water, rubbing with the fingers very gently on the teeth and gums.

When the other milk teeth appear (from 1 year up to 2), you can start using a toothbrush suitable for children , wet with water, with a ‘pinch’ of toothpastefor children. The use of the correct dose of toothpaste can usually take over when the child has learned not to ingest it.

To avoid sugary or sweet liquids far from the main meals, since the acids, derived from fermented sugars, can create the onset of caries. In fact, we must dispel the belief that deciduous teeth are impervious to caries . The decayed milk teeth are as bad as those of adults! Therefore, a first dental visit is advisable already within the second year.

How to explain correct oral hygiene to children
Teaching small children how to brush their teeth is not difficult at all! Children tend to imitate adults, so it will naturally happen that next to their mother or father, in front of the bathroom sink, they will take a toothbrush and begin to imitate their movements while brushing their teeth. For them it will be a game , initially, and they will be excited, then, to be able to do it alone! Later, with small steps, it will be possible to give them some extra motivation to keep the mouth clean and teach the right brushing technique , even asking the family dental hygienist, who will be able to explain the right movements to the child funny.

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