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24.03.11 - HOMO - The UV Race

28.01.11 - NOISE IN MY HEAD - 5th Anniversary Exhibition

Noise In My Head 5th Anniversary Exhibition.

Opening tonight at Goodtime Studios.
6pm till late.

Basement, 746 Swanston St. Carlton.

27.12.10 - "What do you do on New Year's Day anyway?"

Saturday January 1, 2011

Doors 8:30pm

POLETOPRA (Anthony Pateras/Marco Fusinato)

"Hungover, brutalized by public stupidity? Can't remember what happened last night? That's OK! On NEW YEAR"S DAY- POLETOPRA, FRANCIS PLAGNE BAND and SEAN BAXTER will be sonically curing your injured synapses, with, well, possibly more injury!

POLETOPRA is the combination of visual art iconoclast MARCO FUSINATO (guitar/electronics) and all around composer/electronics whacko ANTHONY PATERAS (analogue synth) in searing duo format. Due to busy international schedules, local appearances are rare for this group, so what better way to continue the countdown for the Mayans than with the sounds of apocalypse!

FRANCIS PLAGNE is the acclaimed pop introvert/ all around musical know-it-all who quietly entraps his audiences with delicate melodies and fragile arrangements. Joined with full band and strings, his live shows are a rare gem.

SEAN BAXTER is THE poet of Melbourne avant sound, and has been an on stage regular at the Tote since the early 90s in guises such as the Throwaways, Bucketrider, Embers and SxSxSx. He even has a photo behind the bar. As head honcho of the Make It Up Club, his speeches are almost as famous as his internationally famous shitcore percussion stylez.

This is an all-star bill guaranteed to cleanse the mind and feed the ears on the day after humanity reaches its yearly low. What do you do on New Year's Day anyway?"

The Tote
67-71 Johnston Street
Collingwood VIC 3066
(03) 9419 5320

29.11.10 - Do The Right Thing Party

24.10.10 - Boomgates 7" Launch at Hell Gallery, Melbourne.

24.10.10 - GRAVETEMPLE and MARCO FUSINATO at The Toff.

Stephen O'Malley / Oren Ambarchi / Matt 'skitz' Sanders


The Toff
Level 2, Curtin House
252 Swanston Street
Melbourne 3000

Tuesday October 26 2010

Doors 8pm
Tickets $20 + BF

14.10.10 - Rob McHaffie at Brett McDowell Gallery


17.09.10 - SUN ARAW SYDNEY


15.09.10 - Volume 2. Issue 1.

Mountain Fold Music Journal is proud to
announce the completion of Volume 2  Issue 1.



available here and through selected stockists.

14.09.10 - Before The Wilds

31.08.10 - Jeremy Kibel & Rhys Lee



At the new BLOCKPROJECTS 79 Stephenson Street, Richmond

3rd September - 30th September 2010

Opening Reception Friday 3rd September 6-8pm

31.08.10 - New Releases

Total Control - Paranoid Video

Side A: "Paranoid Video"
Side AA: "Real Estate"

Format: 7"
Label: Smart Guy Records

Soviet Valves - Sight That Harms/Gaze That Harms

Side A: "Sight That Harms/Gaze That Harms"
Side A: "Crossover Angst"

Side B: "Oh No, Here She Comes"
Side B: "Puritan Blues"

Format: 7"
Label: Smart Guy Records

29.08.10 - Songs Vinyl Release Tour

26.08.10 - Friends at TCB

25.08.10 - Just Treasure at Edition


The Corner
Thursday August 26
Doors 8pm
$12/$10 concession

Pivixki Anthony Pateras, piano/Max Kohane, drums

Marco Fusinato, guitar/electronics- solo set

Robin Fox, computer/laser- solo set

Oren Ambarchi, guitar/electronics- solo set

13.08.10 - R.I.P SOCIETY's SUCCESS SUMMIT 2010

To celebrate a successful year of releasing Australian records, being a cultural high point
for this generation and a beacon of hope for all humanity it is a pleasure to present to you R.I.P SOCIETY’s SUCCESS SUMMIT 2010. Launching the vinyl edition the Zond LP
and the debut 7” from BOOMGATES, alongside a collection of bands that get the R.I.P tombstone of approval it’s bound to be a highlight of the 2010 live music and motivational seminar circuit. Over two stages at the Annandale Hotel, Sunday October 3. Monday being the Labour Day public holiday so no excuses! This is the type of stuff Bono will be giving
his two cents about in some cruddy documentary 15 years from now, so get there at any cost!

Royal Headache
Blank Realm
Woollen Kits

Presented by Tone Defeat. Pre-sale tickets from:
The Annandale Hotel - $15 (+$3.45 booking fee).

Also available from:
Repressed Records, 356 King St Newtown for $15 with a $2 booking fee which they’ll drop with any record, CD, book, t-shirt etc purchase over $10.

Some people have even dubbed them “motown inspired garage” or even “rock ‘n’ soul” but fear not this isn‘t your blatant 60’s dress up revivalism, festival mum friendly gimmick rock. Royal Headache are a punk band! A very good punk band, with an actual singer. In an era where we’re bombarded by one dimensional summertime pop, ironic or “clever” made up electro-cross-genres and disenfranchised too-hip-for-the-audience wayfarer rock, a band that communicates real human emotion like Royal Headache do is essential. A full length LP coming in the new year on R.I.P Society.

Zond are a maximum volume, minimalist sound rock group based in Melbourne, Australia. They are named after a member of the group's childhood dog and/or a Hi-God People track and/or satellite of the USSR. But ZOND are broadcasting very dark grey ecstasy, not from space but from a place deep inside the automatic mind brain. They are an audio holographic Rorschach blot flatlining, or a Freudian analysis gone horribly wrong on bad medicine from the future. Their live shows vary from a screaming psychedelic punk car crash to an ambient metal alloy hum: all that can be known in advance is the intensity of the performance. ZOND include members of past and present groups: On, Fong, Library Punks, Mum Smokes, Ned & the Meds, Wasted Truth... Launching the vinyl edition of their self titled album (out September 1 on R.I.P Society).

Since their first trip to Sydney roughly 4 years ago Brisbane’s Blank Realm have evolved from a drone/psych collective to a epic psych-rock/post-punk/classic ROCK group. Unlike many bands in this zone who find a sound and milk it for years, Black Realm are a force that have continuously developed their distinctive sound. Their scattered discography includes now sold out releases on Digitalis and Not Not Fun Records. Sports fans can look forward to hearing elements of Chrome, The Feelies, Velvet Underground, Neu and Chairs Missing/154 era Wire with a tasteful use of synth and guitar fx, a drummer that never crosses his arms, dual vocals and not a paisley in sight!

Melbourne’s Woollen Kits are three nice young men who play rock ‘n’ roll with a similar sentiment to The Modern Lovers, The Clean, Vaselines etc but unlike a bunch of the jerk-offs claiming these bands as influences these guys do it with stompin’ garage/ ‘77 punk gusto. But wait there’s more… these guys weren’t satisfied with just having a youthful energy and great guitar sound, they even went to the effort of writing actually great songs. Woollen Kits are always willing to lend a hand when Sydney R.I.P Society acts go through Melbourne, it’s a pleasure to return the favour.

You may not yet know the name but featuring members of Dick Diver, The Twerps, Teen Archer and Eddy Current Suppression Ring there’s a good chance you’ll know the faces. Boomgates pretty much play what you’d expect (and I mean that as a compliment) sentimental, knows-no-evil, good time guitar pop. No tricks here, just good honest ridiculously catchy songs. Debut 7” out on R.I.P Society September 1st.

Carborator are a band formed by Dead Farmers guitarist David Akerman having recorded a bunch of Velvet Underground inspired demo’s on his trusty four track cassette recorder. He’s enlisted Songs drummer Steve Uren, Royal Headache/Bed Wettin’ Bad Boy member Joe Sukit on guitar and fellow Bad Boy/R.I.P Society CEO Nic Warnock on bass. Although the VU’s presence still remains, live the band has a thrust-worthy, primitive hard rock sound reminiscent of early 70’s Rolling Stones, Small Faces, “proto-punk“ and CCR.

A band that feeds off the uglier side of that 80's Australia punk/post-punk, probably more inspired by “reduced for quick sale” roo-meat than beat poetry. Think Venom P Stinger, X, Feedtime, AmRep noise rock and The Fall with the sceptical, outsider attitude of first wave Hardcore. Whores have a sound that is cynical, monotonous, instinctive and full of hate. These are all good things.

04.08.10 - Bamboo Musik


Fair maidens & Good gentles, lend thine ear hither-
A Joyous occasion awaits!

Fill thy Bellies with goblets o' Ale...
Fill thy legs with rhythm of Song!


Renaissance Fair


With Bamboo Resident Jesters of thee Disk,

Dijonaise Man & Roman Of Letters

W/ Thee guests o' honor

Prince Michael


DJ Shagspear


Thee 6th o' August, 10PM till Late @
Mercat Cross Basement, 456 Queen St, Melbourne.

Peasants tariff, $12
Lords fee, $9 (Beseech to join thee Lord ranks!)

03.08.10 - Face Value


Hell Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new work by Brendan Huntley.
Face Value embraces an all-new family of ceramic vessels and paintings, expanding Brendan’s investigations into individual and collective personalities. Without telling a story, eachpiece stands alone as a heavily imbued object. Some are friendly, some recognizably family. Some are thuggish and foe. All are linked by a static jostling for their place within the group.


Hell Gallery
5a Railway Place, Richmond 3121
Open Saturdays only 12 – 5pm or by appointment
0431 974578 /

Melbourne Art Fair 2010
Royal Exhibition Building
Carlton Gardens Melbourne Australia
Opening Friday 4 August / 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Thursday 5 August / 11.00am - 7.00pm
Friday 6 August / 11.00am - 8.00pm
Saturday 7 August / 11.00am - 7.00pm
Sunday 8 August / 11.00am - 5.00pm



FAIRSHAKE @ DingDong Lounge / Friday 6th August / Tickets
$15 at door / Melbourne Art Fair has invited Hell Gallery
to host a music event at Ding Dong to celebrate the
opening of this year’s Art Fair. Bands performing
include Zond, Darren Sylvester, Beaches and Kiwi space
metallers ‘Into the Void’, who will be reuniting with
Melbourne-based frontman, Ronnie van Hout.


This Friday as part of the exhibition STILL VAST RESERVES at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Golden Fur (James Rushford- viola, Sam Dunscombe- clarinet, Judith Hamann- cello) perform Parallel Collisions at the opening.
Performance 7pm. Exhibition July 30- August 28, 2010.

Marco Fusinato
Parallel Collisions
24 page score

Installation view: Magazzino d’arte Moderna, Rome
Performed by
Luca Tilli- violoncello
Luca Vinitucci- fisarmonica
Cristiano de Fabritis- percussionista

24 September 2009

24.07.10 - Gavin Russom

Having found a rare free window in his hectic touring schedule with LCD Soundsystem, musician, visual artist, audio technician and bearded wizard Gavin Russom will perform a one off DJ set on Wednesday. Last year Russom unveiled Black Meteoric Star, a DFA released alias reminiscent of Jeff Mills’ wizardry and the jacking homemade acid experiments of the Trax house label, fused with the stark minimal soundscape of his then Berlin home. The project was adapted to the stage in collaboration with masters of the visual overload - AVAF (aka Assume Vivid Astro Focus), which even saw a stimulating 3D performance at MoMA. Russom was most recently involved in the Brazilia inspired Crystal Ark and has built instruments for the likes James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Tim Goldsworthy (UNKLE) and Bjorn Copeland (Black Dice). He’ll be joined by special guests on the night.

Some interesting youtube videos…

Black Meteoric Star @ MoMA -

Motherboard Electric Independence: Gavin Russom Part 1 -

Motherboard Electric Independence: Gavin Russom Part 2 -

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom ‘Relevee’ -

07.07.10 - Marco Fusinato / Dead C at Artspace


Presented by:
17th Biennale of Sydney

Super Deluxe@ARTSPACE
The Gunnery Building
43–51 Cowper Wharf Road
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011
Sydney Australia

Saturday 10 July
7.30 pm – 12.00 am

02.07.10 - ReneVaile at 35Minutes

18.05.10 - Etheric Hymns Sale

13.05.10 - MF / TINMW / SC

11.04.10 - Issue #4 Melbourne Launch

06.04.10 - Issue #4

Mountain Fold Music Journal is proud to
announce the completion of Issue #4.



18.03.10 - Samuel Hodge at MOP.

Oh My God! What
Have I Done?

Samuel Hodge

25th March - 11th April 2010

Opening Celebration
Thursday 25th March, 6pm

2/39 Abercrombie St
Sydney, NSW 2008

11.03.10 - Jandek Australian Tour: March 18th - 28th 2010.

Thursday 18th: Sydney, Gaelic Theatre
w/ Naked on the Vague + Black Widow

Friday 19th: Sydney, Jandek on Corwood Film screening + performance
at Mu Mesons Film Archives.

Saturday 20th: Brisbane, Jandek on Corwood Film screening + performance.
at Turbine Hall / Powerhouse: 1pm – 5pm

Sunday 21st: Brisbane, Hi Fi Bar
w/ Blank Realm, The Lost Domain + Black Widow / Joel Stern

Wednesday 24th: Melbourne, Thornbury Theatre
w/ Primitive Calculators & New War

Thursday 25th: Melbourne, Jandek on Corwood Film screening + performance
at 1000 £ Bend Cinema (Little Lonsdale St, between Elizebeth and Queen)

Friday 26th: Hobart, Mona presents JANDEK
at Philip Smith Centre.

Saturday 27th: Melbourne, Northcote Social Club
w/ Fabulous Diamonds, Embers, Breathing Shrine

Sunday 28th: Adelaide, The Gov
w/ Primitive Calculators + Black Widow

For more information visit: Heathen Skulls.

24.02.10 - New Planes Day Gig + Peddlers Mart.

04.02.10 - Rhys Lee / New York - Peru.




Thursday 4th February - Saturday 27th February 2010

Opening reception Thursday 4th February 6 - 8 pm

04.01.10 - R.I.P. Rowland S. Howard.

30.12.09 - Issue #1 Cover Artist.

19. December 2009 - 28. November 2010

14.12.09 - Issue #3 Melbourne Launch.

Mountain Fold Music Journal Issue #3 Melbourne Launch.

Saturday December 19th.

4 - 6 PM

Y3K Gallery
205 Young St. Fitzroy
VIC 3065

01.12.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artist.

27.11.09 - Issue #3.

Issue #3 is now available through selected stockists and online.

25.11.09 - New Releases.

Total Control - Retiree

Track Listing:
Side A: Retiree
Side B: Meds II

Label: Fifth Column
Format: 7"

23.11.09 - Issue #1 Cover Artist.

Stefan Marx, who provided artwork for Issue #1, has a new show
at Galerie Karin Guenther, entitled The New Old Group.

It opens November 27.

22.11.09 - New Releases.

Songs - Songs

Track Listing:
1. Farmacy
2. Something To Believe In
3. Oh No
4. Retreat
5. Clouds
6. Different Light
7. Out With A Curse
8. Pain
9. It's Dry
10. It Doesn't Exist
11. Just An Idea
12. My Number

Label: Popfrenzy
Format: CD

22.11.09 - New Releases.

Philip Brophy - I Am Piano

Track Listing:
1. I Am Bill Evans
2. I Am Thelonius Monk
3. I Am Red Garland
4. I Am Andrew Hill
5. I Am Dave Brubeck

Label: Sound Punch
Format: CD/DVD-R Audio

08.11.09 - Gold Shoulder.


+ + + + + G O L D S H O U L D E R + + + + +

~~~~~~~~~~ Three Fridays on the Mountain Fold
~~~~~~~ Three nights of choice cut sonic terrain

Each show 9pm til late, $12 on door
$30 Triple pass avail at Repressed Records, Newtown.

07.11.09 -Issue #1 Featured Artist.

28.10.09 -Issue #2 Featured Artist.

Woods recently recorded a session for Daytrotter.
Find it here.

04.10.09 -Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Beaches are playing this Saturday, Oct 17, as a part of the Beck's Rumpus Room series.
Also playing will be My Disco, Your Animal and Brain Children DJs, featuring Mikey Young
of Eddy Current Suppression Ring.
Tickets available here.

Naked On The Vague are also playing this Saturday, as a part of 2SER's 30th Birthday Celebrations. The all ages show will be at the Cad Factory, with support from Pimmon
and Cabaret Callado.
8PM, $10 on the door.

07.10.09 - New Releases.

UV Race - S/T

Track Listing:
1. Society Made Me Selfish
2. I Go Blank
3. Am I In Love
4. Set Sail To Fail
5. Gore Orphanage
6. All The Things I Do
7. Make You Strain
8. Stare Into The Whole
9. Meet Me Under The Clocks
10. Driving In Our Car
11. Dog Tired
12. The UV Know

Label: Aarght!
Format: LP

11.09.09 - New Releases.

Wet Hair - Glass Fountain

Track Listing:
1. Mesmerized
2. Crucifix in the Waves
3. When the Right Time Comes
4. Cold City
5. Stepping Razor (to Heaven's Door)

Label: Not Not Fun
Format: LP

10.09.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artist.

Ali McCann, of Beaches, has some photos in a exhibition opening tonight at Chalk Horse
in Sydney.

08.09.09 - Issue #2 Featured Artist.

Philip Brophy will be performing I Am Piano at UNDIVIDED, Northcote Social Club on September 18th.

For more details:

His work, VOX, is currently being exhibited in “ULTRA SKIN”, Coreana Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea. (Exhibition runs til September 30th)

Philip has also composed a 10-channel soundtrack to accompany Tomoko Konoike’s installation “EARTH BABY”, at the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo.
(Exhibition runs til September 27th)

06.09.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artist.




"Brendan Huntley has exhibited across such spaces as the Carlton Hotel, Someday Gallery and Hell Gallery. 'Looking Forward' is the fifth solo exhibition from Brendan Huntley. Stemming from a background in graffiti, Brendan now divides his energy between painting and sculpture. When out of his studio, Brendan spends his time eating olives and fronting garage rock band Eddy Current Suppression Ring.

'Looking Forward' is an exhibition that presents Brendan's explorations into the human psyche. Working with ink, pastel, enamel, oil stick on paper and ceramic he has produced an assortment of vessels, infusing them with individual sensibilities.

Through sculptural and two-dimensional forms, multiple personalities are evoked and
the facade of the everyday revealed. Brendan's works are concerned with the beauty of the mundane, dealing with the ordinary and what often lies beneath. Investigating our joys, fears, thoughts and observations on life.

Either through his lyrics or his artworks, Brendan is determined to voice his concerns.
His work is marked by a compulsive truth and honesty that speaks of what it is to be human."

- Utopian Slumps

05.09.09 - New Releases.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Demon's Demands

Track Listing:
Side A: Demon's Demands
Side B: I'm Guilty

Label: Stained Circles
Format: 7"

Pink Reason - Bloodstains (Australian Tour EP)

Track Listing:
Side A: Bloodstains
Side A: Livin' In The City
Side B: Borrowed Time

Label: Stained Circles / Fifth Column
Format: 7"

The UV Race - Malaria

Track Listing:
Side One: Malaria
Side One: Mash

Side Two: Good Money
Side Two: Cosmic Man

Label: S-S Records
Format: 7"

01.09.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

01.09.09 - Flip Out - Melbourne.

27.08.09 - Featured Artists.

Pink Reason is in the country, playing both Melbourne and Sydney Flip Outs,
as well as some sideshows. See Kevin and cohorts play Sydney and Newcastle
this weekend. We will be featuring Pink Reason in Issue #3 of Mountain Fold,
due out in mid-November.

A bunch of Mountain Fold featured artists are supporting along the way.
Fabulous Diamonds are the main tour support, NOTV will be playing on the
Newcastle bill, and Lakes are playing both the Adelaide and Fremantle shows.

This tour is presented by Stained Circles and Fifth Column.

26.08.09 - Flip Out - Sydney.

26.08.09 - Issue #2 Featured Artists.

Woods are currently on tour, travelling across America. Along the way, they'll
be playing a couple of shows with fellow Issue #2 featured artists, Wet Hair.

For more information, visit Woods' Myspace:

25.08.09 - Issue #1.

Issue #1 is now available as a downloadable PDF from the past issues page.

21.08.09 - Issue #2.

Issue #2 is now available through selected stockists and online.

21.08.09 - Launch Parties.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the launch parties in Sydney & Melbourne.

Special thanks to all the bands that played, Black & Blue Gallery, Utopian Slumps,
Grolsch, Bec Burnard, Nadia Saccardo, Edwina Brennan, Ed Davis, Max Olijnyk,
Olivia Radonich & Michael Kucyk.

10.08.09 - Issue #2 Launch.

Mountain Fold Music Journal Issue #2 Sydney Launch.
Naked On The Vague Trio & Holy Balm (Live)

Wednesday August 12th.
6.30 - 10 PM

Black and Blue Gallery.
302/267-271 Cleveland St.
Redfern NSW 2016

Mountain Fold Music Journal Issue #2 Melbourne Launch.
Snawklor, Repairs & Free Choice Duo (Live)
Nervous Jack (DJ)

Saturday August 15th.
7 - 11 PM

Utopian Slumps.
25 Easey St. Collingwood
VIC 3066

04.08.09 - Issue #2.


- Sean Bailey
- Philip Brophy
- Circle Pit
- The Dead C
- Wet Hair
- Woods

Out soon.

27.07.09 - Flip Out.

Flip Out Festival returns this year. Last year, it was solely a Melbourne affair but this time around they've expanded to include Sydney.
The line up for both dates look incredible, with Issue #1 Featured Artists such as ECSR and NOTV both playing, alongside internationals such as Pink Reason, James Arthur's Manhunt and Goodnight Loving, and locals like UV Race, Ooga Boogas, Super Wild Horses,
Royal Headache plus many more.

Put together by Aarght! and Stained Circles, it takes place on the 29th of August at the Manning Bar in Sydney, and the 5th of September at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne.

For tickets and more details, go to Flip Out.

26.07.09 - Noise In My Head.

Our good friend, Michael Kucyk, the man behind Noise In My Head, recently returned to Australia from travels abroad. During the course of his trip, he had the opportunity to interview Gavin Russom, which we will be featuring in an upcoming issue of Mountain Fold. Gavin also supplied a mix for Noise In My Head.
Find it, along with many other fine mixes, here:

14.07.09 - New Releases.

Free Choice/Mental Powers - Split 7"

Track Listing:
Side A: Free Choice - Green Groove
Side B: Mental Powers - Appear/Juniour

Label: Fifth Column
Format: 7"

05.07.09 - Zine's Mate - Tokyo.

Mountain Fold Music Journal will proudly be taking part in Zine's Mate,
Tokyo's First Art Book Fair, which takes place from the 10th-12th of July.
Go to Zine's Mate for more details.

05.07.09 - Rainoff - A Curated Temporary Bookstore.

Rainoff Books, the fine gentlemen that distribute Mountain Fold, have recently
opened a curated temporary bookstore. They will be operating everyday from
12-7pm until the 14th of July. Stocking titles from publishers such as Nieves, PAM,
IzRock,  The Spring Press and Serps amongst others, they will also have their latest
offering, 'Pretty Telling I Suppose' by Samuel Hodge.

You can find them at 25/114 Burton St, Darlinghurst.
For more information, please visit Rainoff Books.

02.06.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artist.

Upon returning from their recent tour of the USA, Naked On The Vague have expanded
to a four piece. They have been joined by Nic on bass and Lachlan on drums. They will be playing most of their upcoming shows with this lineup.
This Saturday, June 6, they will be helping Grey Daturas launch their EP at
The Annandale Hotel.
Doors open at 8PM. Tickets are $12.

21.05.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Songs and Naked On The Vague are both playing this weekend.

Details are as follows:

17.05.09 - New Stockists.

We've updated our stockist page, which now includes more international stockists
and some online stores as well.

Photo by Rene Vaile

11.05.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Songs have been announced as the main support for the upcoming Deerhunter tour
of Australia, playing the first 3 dates.
Naked On The Vague will also be playing support for the first Sydney show on June 11.
In Melbourne, Beaches have been named as the other support act for the first show at
The Corner Hotel on June 12.

Tickets on sale now. Go to Popfrenzy for more details.

11.05.09 - New Releases.

V/A - The World's Lousy With Ideas, Vol. 7

Track Listing:
Side A: Super Wild Horses - How Do You Sleep
Side A: UV Race - I'm So Tired

Side B: Straight Arrows - Magic Sceptre
Side B: Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Sometimes

Label: Almost Ready Records
Format: 7"

25.04.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Fabulous Diamonds recently toured through Europe. While in the Netherlands, they went into the VPRO Amsterdam studios and recorded a live set, which includes a lot of new material. Listen to it here.

Jarrod's other project, Free Choice, have a split 7" with Mental Powers coming out next month on Fifth Column Recordings.

25.04.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Songs are supporting Witch Hats this Sunday at The Annandale Hotel, with Dead Farmers and The Laurels also supporting.
Early start, doors open at 4PM. $8 entry.

21.04.09 - Launch Party.

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch party on Sunday. It was a great to see so many people out on a rainy afternoon.
For those who missed out, Issue #1 featured artists, Songs, played a great live set.
Thanks to Grolsch for supplying the alcohol.

21.04.09 - New Releases.

The Bats/Songs - Split 7"

Track Listing :
Side One: The Bats – Castle Lights
Side One: The Bats – Under the Branches

Side Two: Songs – My Number
Side Two: Songs – Keeping it Clean (Acoustic)

Label: The Spring Press
Format: 7"

"Greatly influential New Zealanders The Bats bring us two new tracks; one an excerpt from their new album The Guilty Office and the other an unreleased outtake from the same sessions; two tracks of their signature understated guitar pop. Sydney based Songs bring us an acoustic version of Keeping it Clean and a new track My Number which employs old motorik rhythms with the melodies of their debut. The 7" cover features new work by photographer (and Songs member) Max Doyle." - The Spring Press

Naked On The Vague - Chitty Chat

Track Listing :
Side A: Chitty Chat
Side B: Goodbye Dear Cliche

Label: Sacred Bones
Format: 7"

"Australia’s Naked on the Vague return for another two-sider of serious harsh downer vibes. Drum, synth, bass and vocal ferocity from this male/female duo that comes out sounding like a surprisingly more danceable version of Whitehouse. Fans of last year’s Skulltones 7-inch and Siltbreeze full-length won’t be disappointed." - Sacred Bones

14.04.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Issue #1 featured artists Songs are headlining their first Sydney show this Saturday (April 18) at Spectrum.

They will be launching their split 7" with The Bats on the night, which will be released through The Spring Press.

Support will be provided by Jasmina Maschina (Berlin), Ian Wadley & Jeffrey Wegener, and The Silver Moon Uprising.

Doors open at 8PM. $10 on the door.

14.04.09 - Issue #1 Featured Artists.

Free Choice Duo, featuring Jarrod Zlatic of Issue #1 featured artists Fabulous Diamonds, are making the trip up to Sydney this weekend.

They will be playing this Friday (April 17) at Serial Space, with Superstar, Garbage & The Flowers, and Holy Balm.

Then on Sunday (April 19) they will playing at Locksmith Gallery, again with Superstar, but also with Knitted Abyss and Hochman & Hopkins, both of whom feature members of Issue #1 featured artists Naked On The Vague.

04.04.09 - Launch Party.

Mountain Fold Music Journal Launch Party.

Sunday April 19th.
4 - 7 PM

Black and Blue Gallery.

302/267-271 Cleveland St.
Redfern NSW 2016

04.04.09 - Issue One now available.

Mountain Fold Music Journal is proud to announce the completion of Issue #1.


Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Fabulous Diamonds
Naked On The Vague
Michael Rother

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