smile of children ? Wake up in us the instinct to protect them and pay attention to their health! In this regard, let’s talk about the health of their teeth …

It is important to prevent and care for the health of children’s teeth from the earliest years, as it is also important, at an early age, to start education and teach them good oral hygiene habits . If you have small children , here are some tips on how to get started.

When to start washing children’s teeth

Until the appearance of the first dentine (from 4 months of life or even after), no special care is required, because the bacteria, with which a baby’s mouth normally comes into contact, do not take root easily in the continuously renewed gum tissue. When the first teeth appear, however, the bacteria settle permanently on their surface, and it becomes useful to clean them with a cotton gauze simply soaked in water, rubbing with the fingers very gently on the teeth and gums.

When the other milk teeth appear (from 1 year up to 2), you can start using a toothbrush suitable for children , wet with water, with a ‘pinch’ of toothpastefor children. The use of the correct dose of toothpaste can usually take over when the child has learned not to ingest it.

To avoid sugary or sweet liquids far from the main meals, since the acids, derived from fermented sugars, can create the onset of caries. In fact, we must dispel the belief that deciduous teeth are impervious to caries . The decayed milk teeth are as bad as those of adults! Therefore, a first dental visit is advisable already within the second year.

How to explain correct oral hygiene to children
Teaching small children how to brush their teeth is not difficult at all! Children tend to imitate adults, so it will naturally happen that next to their mother or father, in front of the bathroom sink, they will take a toothbrush and begin to imitate their movements while brushing their teeth. For them it will be a game , initially, and they will be excited, then, to be able to do it alone! Later, with small steps, it will be possible to give them some extra motivation to keep the mouth clean and teach the right brushing technique , even asking the family dental hygienist, who will be able to explain the right movements to the child funny.

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