When a person has smooth and velvety skin it is said that he has ” the skin of a child ” … a very delicate and perfumed skin , which is particularly reactive and subtle and which, in the first months of life, has yet to form and begin to perform all its functions and, therefore, very permeable and defenseless .

For this reason, it is important for small children not only to use suitable cosmetics, which respect the pH of their skin , which is less acidic than that of adults, but also to dress them with well-washed garments that do not trigger allergic skin reactions when in contact with the skin , both for the composition of the fibers and for any residual of treatments or detergents that can remain on the fabrics.

The kit of a child includes a wide range of garments: bodysuits, bibs, romper suits, blouses, shirts, pants, pajamas … to the cloth diapers (for the moms green and bold). Then there are covers, sheets, towels and even toys and stuffed toys! The types of fabrics are many but, obviously, in choosing it is always better to rely on natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, chenille, which are the softest and do not cause contact irritation or rubbing. But how to wash all these clothes?

First washing of newborn babies’ heads
Before birth, it is advisable to wash all the clothes that make up the newborn’s layette , to eliminate any trace of treating substances that were probably used during the processing of the garments and to eliminate any dust deposited before use.

Machine wash is better , previously sanitized with Percarbonate , about 150 gr. put directly into the basket, with a nice vacuum wash at 60 degrees. For washing, the ideal is an environmentally-friendly liquid laundry detergent indicated for children’s garments, with raw materials of natural origin , possibly from organic farming and “km 0”, such as our Bucato Biricco detergent : it is dermatologically tested , also indicated for delicate garments and wool and rinse easily. Then, immediately apply the garments to dry them well and place them in airtight bags or as indicated by the hospital (which normally issues a list of things to bring for delivery).

Subsequent washing …
It is always good to divide the bodysuits and undergarments from those worn over, almost always colored, and wash them separately. A hand wash is indicated with very delicate or not particularly dirty clothes, but care must be taken to rinse, to avoid that soap or detergent remains . not to exceed the dose and use an easy to rinse liquid detergent . The washing machine has certainly the most effective rinsing and, in addition, it is also possible to program a double rinse . The washing temperature should be programmed according to the washing machine instructions and the amount of detergent it should be dosed with the help of a dosing ball to avoid unnecessary and harmful overdoses.

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