A high-quality kindergarten is an early childhood education program that provides children with a solid foundation for academic and social learning that helps boost their success later in life.

The top benefits children gain from attending high-quality kindergarten include:


A great place for children to learn

Kindergarten provides a great place for children to learn even when it’s their first experience to be exposed to a structured environment. The structured environment provided by kindergarten allows children to learn how to follow instructions, share and problem-solve with their peers, play well with others, and establish friendships.


A great nurturing place for a child’s curiosity

The ideas and questions of children are seriously observed and listened to by teachers of a high-quality kindergarten. The ideas and interests of the children are used by the teachers to nurture their curiosity and create learning experiences out of them.

Exciting learning opportunities are always encouraged in environments of high-quality kindergarten. For instance, the discovery of a butterfly of a child while playing outdoors creates opportunities for teachers to make learning more about it fun and exciting.


A great place to learn cognitive and language skills

The formal language used by teachers in kindergarten nurtures language learning skills in children. The introduction of new vocabularies and provoking questions used by the teachers help children to stretch their language skills.

Talking about favourite stories, storytelling, role-playing, and singing are activities that contribute to making children acquire cognitive and language skills in a fun and exciting way.


A great place to learn reading and counting skills

Knowing how to read and count are skills that interest children. The wide variety of activities and games offered by kindergarten educators helps children learn reading and counting skills in an exciting and fun way. For instance, understanding the sequences and categories of numbers is built with board games that involve counting, matching, and sorting.

Problem-solving is encouraged by puzzle games. Meaningful and interesting activities are the mode of learning experiences provided by kindergarten to help children hone reading and counting skills.


A great place to develop emotional and social skills

Children are interested to learn when they feel secure and loved. Spending time away from their parents needs a kindergarten that is equipped to build a trusting relationship with children.

A warm relationship between children and teachers are always nurtured and encouraged by high-quality kindergarten facilities. Emotional self-control and social skills are developed in children with the various experiences good teachers take time to teach.

For instance, conflicts between children are not automatically resolved by teachers. Instead, they are given ample time to work out their issues and only intervene when the situation calls for it.


A great place for children to care for themselves and others

Taking care of their needs is the best way for children to acquire a sense of self-worth and competence. Opportunities to make children responsible for their needs are always given by teachers. For instance, the responsibility of washing their hands before eating, packing away things after play, and keeping their items locked safely in their locker are things that helps children become more responsible.


Letting children attend kindergarten provides them life-saving skills to enable them to successfully begin their formal schooling journey. The crucial skills, confidence, and knowledge provided by high-quality kindergarten programs equip children to face their future with assurance. Contact us at Kinder Cottage Nerang for more information.


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